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 Supplement to rules

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PostSubject: Supplement to rules   Supplement to rules Icon_minitimeThu 24 Feb 2005, 14:32

1.If team left game or not finished then goes v.o. to opponenet team 52-0
2.Victory in match is 2 big points,lose is 0 points
3.If teams get same number of big points,then decide small point from each game
4.First decide difference beetwen score points and lost points(if same difference then decide more score points by teams)
5.To semifinals goes 2 best teams from each group.
6 Tables and results on our site http://www.dark-clan.blo.pl
7.Pls dont spam and insult in gaming

sorry for my english Smile

Supplement to rules User1sw7
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ultra kill

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PostSubject: Re: Supplement to rules   Supplement to rules Icon_minitimeFri 25 Feb 2005, 12:42

When's the tournament?
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Supplement to rules
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