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ultra kill

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PostSubject: BRING IT BACK!!!   Fri 14 May 2010, 22:04

As we can see, UT2003 community is really dead. Most of UT2003 community is disorganised.
I invent some idea about little bring back ours community to back in action. The same what I've made is in UT99 and UT2004. Why not try it in UT2003?!

All the time you see that there is noone to play with some UT2003 games?
All the time you are waiting for others to join you in server in UT2003?
That can be ended. You need only one easy program called mIRC. You can also use this site - http://webchat.quakenet.org (easier step).

In this site type:
In nickname field type your nick in game.
In channels field type #UT2003
Then enter to the channel.

On the right side you will see people, which sit on ours PickUp IRC Channel.

What is that PickUp exactly?
In PickUp you can play as many games as you want with people from all ours community. By IRC you can also find a chance to talk to other people
(which is way simplier to use than to MSN or XFire). You can check there if some people are up to play with. By typing !add in console on the
bottom of the page you will be added to PickUp. Now, you have to wait only for 5 more people to play game together. When all people will be ready to play,
you will receive message from UT2003^Bot which will give you IP and Password of UT2003 server and also TeamSpeak2 server, to be in contact during match with your teammates,
which will be choosed randomly by UT2003^Bot.

Why that way is better than public?
Some players aren't likely to play public games with 1 or 2 people, which happens in UT2003 very often last months. By IRC there is chance to meet some other guys,
with which you haven't play for some time or maybe didn't play any day. I think everyone who had and still have some experiences with UT2003 should try that way to play with community.

Notice: You can't play game until UT2003^Bot is on #UT2003 I will try to work this out, so UT2003 PickUp would be available 24/7.
I hope you would like that way and let UT2003 community a bit alive!

Commands on #UT2003 :

Not added players:

!add - You may specify the team (red or blue) but you don't need to. This command adds you to the pickup.
!status - Shows the current status of the pickup game
!vote - Shows the maplist (without parameters!)
!promote - shows a line you can spam on IRC to promote the pickup

Added players:

!vote [map] - Without mapname, shows the maplist. With a mapname (valid) you will vote for the map.
!remove - Deletes you from the pickup
!gameover - If you are ready playing and the bot still thinks you are playing, you can use this command to reset the game. You need 50% of the players to use this.

Hope to see you on #UT2003
{PT}FF aka {PT}ShX` in UT2004
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PostSubject: Re: BRING IT BACK!!!   Fri 14 May 2010, 23:31

i dont really get that.
i guess the "pickup" thing is only possible with the program, not in the browser.
i went to the channel and saw 95% are ut2k4 player, if i would ask them for a match in 2k3 they would think im retarded.

good idea, but i doubt that any player will agree to play a match
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double kill

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PostSubject: Re: BRING IT BACK!!!   Sat 15 May 2010, 13:49

Hmm, I wonder how you saw that 95% UT2004 players.
Q, ^MySQL^ and UT2003^Bot are bots, they aren't players.
On channel there were like 2 UT2004 players which could laugh indeed.
But before you came (propably) there was me (ShX), Death, Vader, Neji, Kidam, Kiss, sMoLe so not only UT2004 players there.
Give it a try and don't doubt in any ideas which can give UT2003 a bit more activity.
Thinking like that makes that game totally dead. Doubting in everything.
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PostSubject: Re: BRING IT BACK!!!   Tue 25 May 2010, 15:40

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PostSubject: Re: BRING IT BACK!!!   Tue 25 May 2010, 23:09


reminds me of my stupid cat Mr. Green
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PostSubject: Re: BRING IT BACK!!!   

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